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Selfishness Can Be a Good Thing (Especially in Starting a Business)

We are selfish creatures. We are primarily motivated by our own needs and desires and only stray when outside forces interfere (such as our parents). In our society we are taught that being selfish is bad.

Shooting Etsy Product Photos

One of the greatest challenges I’ve had in running my jewelry business is product photography. On trips I’m always the one taking photos, but that’s done little to prepare me for photographing my own products. Since starting my business I’ve learned a bit about lighting and aperture and composition. I’ve read every Etsy photography guide,…

Small Business Bytes: Crafting a Life by Scoutie Girl

Welcome to the first post in a new series called Small Business Bytes. The purpose of this series is to share with you the best bytes of knowledge from a variety of business blogs, guides, and eBooks in a condensed form that will fit into your busy life. I just finished reading Scoutie Girl’s Crafting a Life and it is loaded with valuable information for both your business and your life.

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