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Support the Friday Afternoon Tea Kickstarter!

As a small business owner, I am a big believer in supporting other entrepreneurs and helping their businesses grow. One of my good friends and a fellow entrepreneur has just 5 days and about $1,700 to go for her Kickstarter, Friday Afternoon Tea is Leveling Up!

Con Crud Part Deux

Apparently I’ve been blessed with a double dose of Con crud from PAX Prime this year. I can’t use any of my old go-to food goodies to make me feel better, so I’m considering buying myself a new tea mug. Thank goodness I can still have tea!

AmazonFresh: Time Saver & Budget Savior

Last week we got our very first delivery from AmazonFresh, and today we got our second! Outside of the awesomeness that such a thing exists, we had two good reasons for giving it a try…

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