How to Express Your Subculture Interests with Jewelry

Steampunk Lock Key Necklace in Gunmetal

Steampunk Lock Key Necklace in Gunmetal

One of the easiest and most acceptable ways to express yourself is through jewelry. Maybe you are restricted in the clothing you can wear. Maybe you are limited to suits or a school uniform. If you have the freedom to choose what jewelry you wear, you can still show the world who you are.

Our society actually expects those in higher social and financial positions to wear jewelry, so if you work in a corporate environment it’s actually quite appropriate. Watch any TV show like Gossip Girl or 90210 or pick up any celebrity magazine and you will see the majority wearing some type of jewelry. The challenge then becomes finding a piece of jewelry that is both appropriate for your situation and shows the real you.

Maybe you’re a fan of Steampunk. You can find a piece of jewelry, possibly a necklace, that’s a statement piece. A statement piece is a piece of jewelry that is usually worn alone or paired with very simple jewelry. It “makes a statement” by being bold and noticeable, while still being fashionable and appropriate for the type of dress. It is considered high fashion jewelry, so a statement piece will go nicely with your corporate level office wear or your dress for a society event. A pendant created from a piece of watchwork with its sparkling rubies would make a great statement piece.

Maybe you consider yourself a Geek. If you love technology, look for a piece of tech jewelry that looks like a regular piece of jewelry. Like the watchwork pendant, it will pass in any environment and you will have people doing double takes when they realize what it is. Or look for character or “in universe” jewelry. It is a fun way to make a subtle reference and it can also help you meet people who share your interests. Personally, I have two Xena chakram pendants that I bought from another artist. One of them is a nice, bright, silver and gold, so it’s even appropriate for dressier situations.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can express yourself through jewelry. You can actually express yourself with jewelry in more ways than you can with clothing, especially when it comes to clothing in the workplace or at school. When your clothing options are limited, your jewelry choices can still show the world who you are.

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