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The Real Dilemma Behind the Wish List Dilemma: Epiphany Included!

Currently I use two Amazon wish lists. One for my business and one for myself. I’ve mostly been using the business wish list to keep track of the things that I want to get down the road and the things that I’ll need in the near future. But, when I stop to think if I’d be just as happy receiving something for my business as I would something for me personally, the answer is definitely yes.

Con Crud Part Deux

Apparently I’ve been blessed with a double dose of Con crud from PAX Prime this year. I can’t use any of my old go-to food goodies to make me feel better, so I’m considering buying myself a new tea mug. Thank goodness I can still have tea!

AmazonFresh: Time Saver & Budget Savior

Last week we got our very first delivery from AmazonFresh, and today we got our second! Outside of the awesomeness that such a thing exists, we had two good reasons for giving it a try…

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